About Us


We are here to unlock students’ potential in using languages by offering the most innovative curriculum and by doing so our students will be ready for the quick changing world.


Our vision is to be the best and dominant languages institution and the home where students, teachers, and staffs can share their learning experience as well as innovative ideas.


  1. I = Integrity And Honesty
  2. N = Never Say I Don’t Know (Seek For Solution)
  3. S = Smile And Study To Succeed
  4. P = Peaceful Environment
  5. I = Inspire Each Other To Grow
  6. R = Respect Everyone
  7. I = Individual Grow -> Team Grows -> School Grows
  8. N = Never Blame And Pinpoint
  9. G = Gratitude To Team And Customer
  10. O = Offer Standard of Excellence
  11. W = Wisdom-Sharing in Academic Community
  12. L = Leaders of Innovative Spirit

Why SAS?

Because SAS:

  • Provides two certificates for English Programs: IELTS certificate which is recognized worldwide and SAS certificate by Ministry of Education, Youth & Sport.
  • Gives great opportunities to involve students in Debate & Public Speaking Club, Listening & Speaking Club, IELTS & TOEFL Club and Reading & Writing Club.
  • Offers a good learning environment with well-trained and experienced Khmer and Native teachers.
  • Provides the best standard of language learning.