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ECA 2017 Challenge

“Do you want to make a new year resolution by improving yourself in the upcoming year?”


To celebrate the start of our new terms and the year of 2017, while focusing on the macro skills improvement of our students, STANFORD American School, is proud to present to you the opportunity for you to challenge yourself in the upcoming year, through our, “Extra Curricular Activities 2017 Challenge: a challenge to improve oneself.”

Our Extra Curricular Courses are now open for Application!!!! SAS Debate Club, SAS Presentation Club and SAS IELTS Club are ready to support young hopeful, who wish to shape their skill for their academic and early professional journey!


In order to apply, simply go through the following steps:

  1. Choose a club!
  2. Check your availabilities and eligibility (please visit our information desk or our website:
  3. Fill in the application:

– Online: Apply now
– Offline: written application can be found at our registration desks of both campuses

  1. Apply before the deadline!! (31st December 2016)
  2. Waiting for the call for the interview! (vary according to the club)
  3. Good Luck and enjoy the VERY FIRST challenge of the year!!


Our New Term is now OPEN!!!! Visit us at either Sonthormok Branch or Toul Kork Branch

For more info, please contact

017 988 733 or 098 699 606

012 956 337 or 069 668 758