General English Program

STANFORD American School (SAS) is well known for its expertise in enabling the students to speak English with full confidence and least deficiencies with pronunciation and intonation close to natives' through its 12-level General English Program (GEP). Taking the GEP course to a more special and higher level, SAS provides lots of additional skills for our students rather than perfecting their English aone. Students taking GEP at SAS automatically attain extra skills such as Presentation, Public Speaking and Debate, which are a tool for readying our students for the usage in the real world. See more

General Chinese Program

General Chinese Program (GCP) at STANFORD American School (SAS) effectively enables students to communicate fluently and accurately in their daily, academic and business life in a very short period of time. On the plus side, they can increase their chance of employability with the opportunities in getting involved with international businesses and cross-cultural experience. In class, the students are provided a lot of real practice on the four macro skills, facilitated by exuberant and diligent teachers. See more

General Thai Program

STANFORD American School's General Thai Program (GTP) is a 4-level programs, which students get to acquire the language in a fast but effective pace. After the completion of the 4 levels, students will be able to communicate in Thai language without any communication deficiencies. Students will have to go through a lot of reading, writing, listening and speaking activities from the beginning to the end of the programs. To stimulate the students' speaking skill, SAS also launches a Thai Club, which is open for students on every Sunday for them to be more exposed to the Thai environment. See more

IELTS Preparation Course

Trained by Band 8.00 trainers, students will have the opportunity to master their skills in scoring better IELTS score. Upon their completion with course 1 and 2, they will be armed with sufficient strategies to nail the higher score. Fee for official IELTS test will be fully covered by SAS. See more

Computer Program

STANFORD American School also provides computer program classes which are becoming a requirement for almost any type of jobs. Our Computer Program includes:
  1. Microsoft Office
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Adobe Illustrator
Students will learn from the very basic to advanced levels of Microsoft office, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point. Furthurmore, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator will enable students to come up with creativity and innovative. See more