ECC, stand for ExtraCurricular Committees, is a committees established to assist the development of the students' 4 macro skills, as well as to create opportunities for students to learn, complete and engage.
STM Branch: #197, St. 146, Teuk Laok II, Toul Kork, Phnom Penh
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ECC has 3 main objectives which are separatly divided into E, C and C.
E, stands for Execution and Administrative Assistant which means that we are going to assist the extracurricular clubs run by SAS administratively such as the recruitment process, the collection of data, and also the creation of clubs, training sessions, events, and especially competitions.
C, stands for Communication and Publication. We will try our best to maintain the information related to the extracurricular activities to avoid any miscommunication between everyone who is involved. Also, we will try to communicate with the Academic Team and the Club trainers to create and effective curriculum for the students to minimize or if possible close the skills gaps of the students. Besides, we will also publish the activities to the public with the latest updated information.
C, stands for Consultation on Skill Training and Development Program. We will be there for the students think that they lack of some skills and they are not sure where to go to enhance those skills and we will also provide the students with high performance the chance of compete and strengthen their skills.


To celebrate the start of our new terms and the year of 2017, while
focusing on the macro skills improvement of our students, STANFORD American School, is proud to present to you the opportunity for you to challenge yourself in the upcoming year, through our, "Extra Curricular Activities 2017 Challenge: a challenge to improve oneself."
A competition aimed to improve the skills of students at STANFORD American School. It was a great success with the first crowning of our champion, Mr. Seng Sokunnaroth.
SAS Student Society is created to help Cambodian students get involved in social work and volunteer work in order to build their capacity for their future goals.
Our recent work include:
1 Meal Project: a project aim to inspire people to take simple action and contribute to the society with what they can simply offer.
Stalloween Party: a haunted, yet thrilling experience for our audience, with a course to fund raise for those that needed.
"We are ready to be one of the change maker, how about you?"


Students' improvement has always been one of our main priorities. We are proud to present 3 of our GEP Clubs, which are now open to serve the thirst of knowledge of our students.
SUNDAY, 1:30PM - 4:00PM
One of the most advance skills that not only needed in academic journey, but in professional working environment as well, it is Debate skill. At STANFORD American School, we offer the best quality of language education through skill improvement. Critical thinking, speaking skill, team work are all keys component to a successful deate learning.
Team work
Debate with logic and reason
SATURDAY, 9:00AM - 11:00AM
What is the best way to present yourself, your ideas and your thought to the public? As part of our language learning program, STANFORD American School, are proud to present to you a club taht aims to equip students with the necessary skill to present themselves in the most effective way possible.
Present with passion
Ready to make the perfect presentation
SUNDAY, 1:00PM - 3:00PM
IELTS is one of the most needed proficiency test for students who wish to study or participate with foreign program. Here at STANFORD American School, we offer support to all of those young hopeful, through providing the introductory course of IELTS to our students.
Present with passion
Ready to make the perfect presentation
"THERE ARE MORE!!! You will always have a say, in what you want to learn!"