With our Young Learner Program, learners are strongly encouraged to speak as much English as possible through innovative methods where learners are provided a fun and play based learning environment based on the Second Language Acquisition theories. Not only do we offer our learners the learning of the English language, but we also connect the language with other school subjects namely Chinese, Computer, and Sports along with extracurricular activities for the purposes of enriching their innate ability and communicating effectively with more world knowledge.
STANFORD American School makes use of six areas of learning in a Montessori classroom, namely Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Science and Culture. At SAS, the course covers on teaching pupils about etiquette and morals needed to be carried in life, concerns with children’s awareness of their surroundings by providing many activities related to the 5 senses, carries value of courtesy and grace in communication by teaching pupils how to use and speak the language appropriately to their levels, contains mathematical materials which could help pupils easily acquire knowledge about number, and connects pupils’ learning to cultural entertainment, art and science in order to develop social development.
Stanford American School TK Branch