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I. Overview

To sharpen its students’ soft skills, Stanford American School (SAS) provides a number of study clubs to its students and these include Presentation Club, Public Speaking Club, Debate Club, Writing Club, Reading Club, IELTS Club and Media Club. In addition, all English students at SAS will take free IELTS examination which is recognized globally at our school after they complete Level 12 of the General English Program (GEP). Therefore, this unique and special IELTS club is created with the following objectives:

  • To prepare students for IELTS examination
  • To provide students the tips and strategies to get a high score in IELTS
  • To build network and relationship between students and students who are the future leaders

II. Schedule

Duration: Four months
Time: 1:00 – 3:00 pm (Sundays)

III. Signup Policy

In order to sign up for this club, one has to follow the following procedures:


  • Everyone can join this club
  • Committed to attending the training for the whole four months
  • Pay admission fee of US$15

Certificate policy

  • Students can take leave for two times but with leave form, which is available at the Front Desk.
  • One leave without leave form will disqualify students from getting the certificate of completion.
  • 3 times of 15-minute lateness will be considered as one leave without leave form.
  • If students leave the class before 4:45 pm for 3 times, that will be also considered as one leave without leave form.

If you have any inquiry, please contact our receptionists.

Club Schedule


Note: This schedule is subject to change.