SAS Student Society

SAS Student Society is created to help Cambodian students get involved in social work and volunteer work in order to build their capacity for their future goals.

  • Our Vision
    + To build strong capacity for students through volunteerism.
  • Our Mission
    + To have students involved in social and volunteer work
    + To train them to be a leader
    + To empower students with soft skills
  • Goals & Objectives
    + To better our community
    + To help all students with SAS
    + To empower individuals

“Stalloween Haunted Land”
SAS Student Society Charity Event

This Halloween, Stanford American School Student Society, would like to invite all of the public to be apart of contribution to the society. Stalloween Haunted Land, is created with the concept from Western Culture of Halloween and with the spirit of joy and entertainment. With this, we take this opportunity to initiate this event in order to fundraise for community project of SAS Student Society, through the tickets sales, fundraising booth and sponsorship.

Our team will contact you about the ticket,
once your pre-registration is completed.


We are looking forward to a thrilling haunted evening together.

One Meal Project

Today’s Impact is Tomorrow’s Future.
Believe in the change that youth can bring, we thrive to make a difference within the heart of these young hopeful. We learn and grow from what we do. And the smile we saw that day, is the fuel for us to contribute more.
The 3rd One Meal Project has opened our eyes to limitless possibility of how youth can make impacts in the society. The game they played, the joy they had, the smile we had seen, all of these might not be anything much to the public, but our members learned so much from every single experience.
This is not the last one, and we are looking forward to more chance to take action.
SAS Student Society