Young Learner Program (YLP)

With our Young Learner Program, learners are strongly encouraged to speak as much English as possible through innovative methods where learners are provided a fun and play based learning environment based on the Second Language Acquisition theories. Not only do we offer our learners the learning of the English language, but we also connect the language with other school subjects namely Chinese, Computer, and Sports along with extra curricular activities for the purposes of enriching their innate ability and communicating effectively with more world knowledge.

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Curriculum: At SAS, we believe that early education plays a crucial role in an individual’s development process. It lays off the foundation that the child will use to efficiently carry out different roles throughout his entire life. Thus, we seek to offer a wide range of subjects which can enable intellectual, physical and psychological development starting from an early age.

Quality:  Our classes are restricted to a maximum of 16 students per class so that each student is able to get individual attention. Our native English-speaking teachers are well-experienced professionals with extensive background in teaching children.

Environment & facilities: with plenty of open space, large playground and refreshing environment, students are more motivated and be able to carry out their learning in an effective, strees-free manner. Well-equipped classrooms enable students to fully take advantage of the up-to-date curriculum that we offer.